Andis 04710 T-Outliner Personal Trimmer Review

Some men look rugged and cool unshaven but most people look like they just neglected to shave or have a terrible trimmer. Beards and mustaches can give a distinctive look if you know how to take care of them. With the Andis 04710 T-Outliner Personal Trimmer, life with a mustache or beard is going to be good for you.

This trimmer is the closest that you can have to a barber’s work without paying for it each and every time. Its wide blade is very efficient and requires fewer strokes to get the look that you want to portray. It cuts really thin and with precision especially if you are using it for your mustache or to outline your forehead and neck. There is no need at all to press hard when you are using the trimmer; it will cut as close as you want it to. You will have guaranteed sharp lines that will make you proud. This amazing unit cuts very close without actually shaving.

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This product is so amazing to use that you can cut and shape everyone in your family including your pets. The quality of the cut is so sharp and clean that it looks like it was done by a professional barber. Your dog will probably get second and third looks from the mongrel next door if you use this trimmer on her.

You can even use it for extremely sensitive skin without worrying about bumps and irritation. But in case you do get bumps, one user suggested grabbing a soft bristled tooth brush and boiling it in water. That will make it softer than it is already. This can be used to brush your face using figure eight patterns. The user swore that it made his bumps take a hike so maybe it’s worth a try for those with very sensitive skin. (Note that it’s not expected to happen, but with a remedy as interesting and hardcore as that, we just had to share!)

Although it does get a little hot to the touch after prolonged use, that is to be expected in most trimmers. As long as you give it a few minutes of rest between uses, there should be no problems with overheating.

It is a bit heavier than other brands but the weight is not a problem at all and you will not get tired holding it for a long period. You will however determine that you are holding a finely tuned mechanism that will give you your money’s worth.

The T-Outliner is available in two colors, black and gray. The cord is just long enough to allow room for maneuvering without tripping you. The design is perfectly contoured to fit your hands and the high speed motor packs a power that is hard to beat.

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For some reason though, this is one of the products that does not come with a case, a tray or an organizer so you need to either put it in one of those all purpose small bags or get a pouch that will fit everything in it just in case you need to bring it with you somewhere.

Aim for looking smolderingly sophisticated with this trimmer and kill the ladies with your version of a come-hither look without really working on it. Use it every day and on special occasions and wow your family and friends with your amazing lines and edges.

If you hear any more of its great features, you’d have to leave your wife and marry it. As it is, you can be sure that if you buy this product, you have a winner and will definitely not regret it.

About 500 people have reviewed this trimmer on and it’s got a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. That is absolutely insane in terms of quality. In fact, we found in our research that the T-Outliner is one of the most searched for tools for beard and hair trimming. It’s hard to get much better than this in terms of quality, durability, cut, value, and longevity. This is an all around winner.

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