What Goes into a Good Beard Grooming Kit?

Men across the world cherish their beards. Beards are a symbol of manliness, strength and honor.

Although some men will prefer to keep their beards thick and bushy to impress their lumberjack friends or to keep warm against the biting cold, the majority of men prefer to maintain a certain facial hair style. It is what makes many of us unique.

Besides making an individual unique, a well styled beard looks great, is much cleaner than an unkempt beard, and can actually help increase your standing amongst the opposite sex and will make you appear of higher class and stature (for real, check it out here).

To ensure that you have a properly styled beard, a beard grooming kit is a must-have. But what are the essentials that you need to completely maintain and groom your manly facial accessory? Here’s the lowdown.

Beard Trimmer

Most men looking for a uniquely styled beard will want to keep it at a specific length. You know what looks good, and you’d like to keep it that way so your look always screams effortless manliness.

Since hair on your face can tend to grow quickly and your beard length can really make you look different if it’s too long or too short, regular trimming will be necessary to ensure that the desired length is acquired.

An electric beard trimmer does this job effectively as most of them have a wide range of length options to choose from – some even come built in to one adjustable comb.

Note that there are two types of trimmers, corded and cordless. There are benefits to each, but corded tend to give a more consistent cut because the power to the motor is constant (from the wall socket), and cordless are more convenient and easier to travel with.

To find the best shaver for you, check out our complete Beard Trimmer Guide with nearly 30 beard trimmers broken down in an interactive chart.

Razor (electric or disposable)

Styling your beard will, in most cases, require that you shave parts of your face and neck. That’s where a razor comes in handy. This beard grooming kit essential will shave cheek and neck hair down to the skin.

While you can usually get a pretty close shave with your beard trimmer, particularly if you take the guide comb off and shave with only the blades, it’s never skin tight and is definitely not as clean as shaving with a razor.

Some beard trimmers are double ended and actually come with a foil shaver on one end, but we’ve found that it’s best to have tools designed for the job, rather than compromise tools like the double ended trimmer/shaver.

While it depends on your beard, how much actual razor shaving you’ll need to do, and your preference, you should always have a razor with you in your beard grooming kit for touch ups and to get that tight, clean look that’s usually required to look as smart as possible while sporting a beard.

Click here to review some of the best disposable and manual razors or click here to see the best electric shavers.

Comb set

Beard Comb

Baxter of California Beard Comb

The comb set usually includes a large comb, pocket comb and beard trimming comb. Sometimes it’ll also come with a mustache comb to round it all out.

The combs are generally used to keep the beard neat, and can be used for different jobs.

The large comb is especially useful for ensuring that the beard doesn’t tangle as it gets longer, particularly after a shower.

A pocket comb on the other hand is used for daily maintenance or, if necessary, emergencies. Out on a date or for an interview? A pocket comb will come in handy if your longer than normal beard is throwing off your mojo.

The smaller beard trimming comb will help you even out your beard before and during a trim so that you get a consistent length when using your beard trimmer.

Obviously, a mustache comb is for your mustache, but you’ll only really be able to pull off using a mustache comb in public if you’re extra cool. Otherwise, it’s a helpful tool to use in the morning while you get ready to ensure your mustache is as well kept as the rest of your beard.

Here are some of the best beard and mustache combs on Amazon.com.


Since you might need to shave clean some parts of your face and neck, aftershave is another essential of a beard grooming kit. Invest in quality aftershave which will help soothe razor burns and prevent skin irritation.

This is likely a mainstay in your general grooming routine (aftershave or cologne), but it’s useful to remember the importance of this product, particularly if you have a beard style that requires extra shaving with a razor.

Now, aftershave is likely something you’ll need to go into a store to smell before you purchase it. However, if you know what you like, you might find a better price on Amazon. Here’s a link to the aftershave section if you’re interested.

Nose hair trimmer

Nose hair can interfere with the overall look and style of a beard. Nose hair trimmers are essential to the beard grooming kit and will help you clip and reduce unsightly and annoying nose hairs.

Usually a small set of scissors will do the job and get rid of most nose hairs, but you can opt for an even better experience by using a nose hair trimmer. We’ve done some research and have compared some of the best nose hair trimmers out there. Have a look at our nose hair trimmer comparison guide to get the best tool for you.

Beard conditioner or oil

Cutting, shaping and defining your beard is important, but you must also remember that you have to maintain the hair that stays, too.

As your beard grows, the hairs tend to harden and dry out – especially during winter. Not only that, but your face can get dry, particularly if you regularly wash with shampoo or soap. Beard conditioner and beard oil is designed to soften the beard hair and oil works on the skin as well.

A beard grooming kit is a must have for every bearded man. You can buy each item individually or buy a complete beard grooming kit for use at home or while traveling.

We’ve found a couple of beard conditioners and oils on Amazon that you might want to check out to complete your grooming kit.

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