Conair iStubble Facial Trimmer Review

The GMT900 trimmer, by Conair, features advanced blade technology and comes equipped with a super ergonomic design and a unique floating contoured head. All of that means that you can use this not only to trim your beard, but also your moustache, goatee, even your head.

It’s flexible, it’s adjustable, it fits into your hand just right, and it’s easy to use, which are great qualities in a facial trimmer.

When it comes to adjustable, the iStubble Facial Trimmer has 15 different length settings, which let you choose exactly the style and length you want for your facial hair. The floating head feature is especially handy, as it contours itself to the curves of your face (or head), giving it a better level of accuracy.

conair istubble

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Among the other features on the iStubble are a dual battery system, which keeps it charged and makes it reliable for you, and electronic motorized length control, which lets you adjust from 0.4 mm to 5mm. The iStubble also comes equipped with a nice, easy to read LCD display. The GMT900 is cordless, which is always a great feature to have in a facial trimmer, as a cord can get annoying fast when you’re trying to trim hair at the back of your head.

Reviews are fairly positive for this facial trimmer; on Amazon, it’s overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars. Although the majority (51% to be precise) of reviewers gave the product 5 on 5 stars – an excellent sign when looking at how good one of these units is. One highlight that users point out in their reviews of the iStubble is the fact that it can be easily adjustable within a wide range of settings, especially handy for different styles of facial hair. It’s easy to program and it’s easy to use. Users also loved this product when it comes to maintenance, as it’s easy to clean.

conair istubble

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The iStubble’s great reviews come, largely, from those who bought this as a stubble trimmer, looking to maintain a five o’clock shadow. As the name suggests, this product’s specialty is stubble. It can get close enough to give you the stubble look without any cuts or nicks, it is super easy to adjust the settings to the correct length for stubble, and the ability to move the cutters up and down rather than changing plastic guards is a great feature. Another plus that users love about it is the fact that it doesn’t give you razor burn, even when you are shaving close to your skin.

To charge the battery, the manual suggests a total of 16 hours before you use it the first time. After that, you can charge it simply for 2 to 4 hours, and a dead battery will have a full charge. Its charge lasts long enough to get the job done, and most reviews about battery life are positive. You can keep an eye on the battery status, and check it while you’re using it or charging it easily, as it’s displayed on the iStubble’s LCD display screen.

The Conair iStubble GMT900 retails for around $50 and is available (sometimes cheaper) on Amazon and is an excellent product for those looking for a great stubble trimmer.

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