MANGROOMER Scruff Sculptor PRO Stubble Trimmer with Electric Length Controls, Whisker Belly and Power Burst

Mangroomer is perhaps best known for their DIY back hair shavers, but they do have a number of other products, one of which is the Scruff Sculptor Pro.

To be honest, it’s a bit cheesy. The look of the unit, their videos, all the extra features…not the clean, no nonsense look of some of the other trimmers out there. But, that’s not the point! The point is, does it cut your beard well, and deliver value for the money you’re going to pay for it (which is on the higher side, comparatively)?

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This device is claimed to be the most technically advanced beard trimmer available on the market today. It certainly has a lot of features, so let’s go through them and see if they actually deliver results.

The blades are self-sharpening, so that’s a good sign. It means less maintenance for you and a consistent shave.

Perhaps the most persuasive argument for buying the Mangroomer is just how short it trims your beard. This is about the closest you can get without actually shaving, so it’s great for very minimal stubble. The lowest setting is 0.3mm, which is nearly microscopic, but if you’ve got thick and/or dark hair, it will give you that perpetual 5 o’clock shadow look. It’ll go up to 5mm, which is only half a centimeter, so this trimmer is definitely only for you guys who always want a really close trim.

You’ll always be able to tell what setting you’re on, too, because the large LCD screen illuminates, displaying, in large numbers, the length setting you’re on in millimeters. The screen also shows the battery life left.

One of the other features on theĀ Scruff Sculptor is the Whisker Belly. This small enclosure is supposed to catch the trimmed hairs once they’ve been cut, similar to vacuum trimmers (like the Philips Norelco QT4070), but without the suction. As you might have guessed, since the vacuum models don’t always catch all the hairs, this innovation by Mangroomer doesn’t quite do the job, either. It’s not terrible, and you will have less clean up, but it certainly cannot be expected to leave you with zero-mess.

Piling on yet another feature, Power Burst is an easy to press button on the handle of the device that kicks the motor up a notch. This is supposed to give you that extra kick when you’re cutting through thick or longer hair. Like most turbo or power buttons, it’s not a game changer, and you may find you need to keep it on all the time to get the shave you’re looking for.

It is pretty easy to use, with big up and down buttons that adjust the length of the cut. The features are straight forward, too, so while there are quite a few of them, they don’t impede your ability to use the beard trimmer.

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The first charge is a 16 hour charge, so you can’t use it right as it arrives at your door. However, it’s got a fairly quick recharge time thereafter – Mangroomer says “only a few hours”, so plan for 3-6, depending on how dead the battery is.

Cleaning is pretty standard, though the whisker belly comes out fairly easily, allowing you to shake out the hair that it caught. It isn’t waterproof or anything like some of the other models out there, so don’t go running it under your tap. Just brush it off after each use and you should be alright. Note that you do not get a brush with your purchase.

Mangroomer offers a 2 year warranty against standard manufacturing defects/failure. This gives you some peace of mind and is a fairly good warranty length in the industry.

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You can get this stubble trimmer for just a bit over $40 on, which is a few dollars cheaper than buying it through the Mangroomer website, so if you’re interested, head over there and have a look.

It currently has just over 100 reviews on Amazon from people who own the product and has a pretty average 3.1 star rating. This is not great, and it seems many people have had trouble with this product.

Overall, if you are in desperate need of the absolute closest shave you can get with a beard trimmer, get this unit. Just go into it knowing that they haven’t yet worked out all the bugs and kinks, so you may run across some issues. If you do not need the absolute shortest facial hair possible while still keeping some semblance of a beard, you may want to keep looking. (Click here to go back to our list of the best beard trimmers)

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