Panasonic ER224S Cordless Beard and Hair Trimmer Review

Panasonic is one of the leading brand names when it comes to men’s grooming items, and we feature four of their trimmers on our full beard trimmer guide. Their product line includes beard and hair trimmers and they’ve got various models, but this one in particular is quite popular. The Panasonic ER224S Beard Trimmer is in the top 40 best selling trimmers and shavers on and it’s got over 350 reviews from owners and users of the product. The average review is 3.6 out of 5 stars, but over 40% of those ratings are full 5 out of 5 stars. This is an interesting stat when looking at beard trimmers because it shows whether or not people absolutely love this product. The more, the better, typically.

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This Panasonic unit is cordless and rechargeable. You’ll get about 40 minutes of shaving time out of one 8 hour charge. This is roughly in the middle of the pack for beard trimmers, though many in this low price range (between $20 and $30 on Amazon) have a longer charge time.

In terms of the actual cutting of facial hair, the spring loaded high performance precision cut stainless steel blades do the job they were designed for, they don’t need adjustment, and they’re hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of skin reactions after shaving. The trimmer features a 14 length setting dial. It’s really easy to adjust, because it is just one comb guide attachment that moves up and down on the body of the trimmer. It’s a bit strange in terms of numbering, as you’ll see below, where I’ll outline the exact measurements of each length setting.

One thing we really loved about this unit in regards to the guide comb and length adjustment is that as soon as you turn the unit on with an easy flick of a button, the length selector locks. This is a great little feature on the ER224S that stops you from accidentally changing lengths while trimming your beard.

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The range of lengths is pretty good, going from 1mm to 20mm. Length settings:

  • 1mm or 1/32″
  • 2mm or 5/64″
  • 3.5mm or 5/32″
  • 5mm or 3/16″
  • 6.5mm or 9/32″
  • 8mm or 5/16″
  • 9.5mm or 3/8″
  • 11mm or 13/32″
  • 12.5mm or 1/2″
  • 14mm or 17/32″
  • 15.5mm or 5/8″
  • 17mm or 21/32″
  • 18.5mm or 23/32″
  • 20mm or 25/32″

As you can see, this unit offers a fairly wide range of beard lengths from which to choose. This means you should be able to find what you’re looking for to match your style, even if you’re unsure of the exact length you like it.

These lengths come straight from the owner’s manual, and as we’ve just been looking through it, we’ve got to say that it looks like Panasonic wanted to save money on printing when they made it. Instead of detailed instructions, there are some fairly unhelpful pictures explaining how to use this trimmer. Doing it this way likely saved them printing costs related to having the explanations in English and Spanish. Take a look here.

Because of this, we thought it would be helpful to include a video of someone demonstrating how to use this particular trimmer. It is a bit of an unorthodox shave. This bearded gentleman does a good job explaining the proper technique to use when shaving with the Panasonic, so we’ll let him help you out here:

As you’ll see in this video, a not readily apparent, but useful feature is the small trimmer for precision edging and trimming. If you pop the guide comb off, you will expose both the blade of the trimmer itself for very close shaving, and a little pop-up trimmer. It may not be useful if you don’t have a goatee or other style of beard that requires a bit of styling, but it’s a cool feature to have, particularly on a unit that is this well-priced.

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Normally the cord or charging stand isn’t too exciting on beard trimmers, but this is actually a pretty cool set up. Instead of a long cord getting in the way of everything, or even a counter-space-eating charge stand, this unit has a charger that plugs directly into the wall and provides a sort of base for the ER224S to stand on. The trimmer clips into the base at the bottom of the unit and gets a secure fit, standing straight vertically. (The picture above shows it lying on its side). This keeps it out of the way and organized.

Waterproofing is another feature included in this hair and beard trimmer. This feature makes it versatile as it can be used in the shower without risk of damage or electrocution. It also makes cleaning and maintenance easy as users only need to wash it under running water to remove stuck hairs.

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It should be noted that this doesn’t shave quite as close as many other trimmers, even on the 1mm setting. The manual states that the beard length might be longer than the length setting you choose, so if you’re looking for that stubble look, setting 1 might be too long and using it without a guide comb might be too short.

Also, some users found that the guide comb was flimsy and prone to breaking. Because of this, be very careful when pulling off the comb and when you’re putting it back on, and be sure not to drop it.

You do get a 2 year limited warranty, and you can find those specifics here

Overall, the Panasonic ER224S Cordless Beard and Hair Trimmer makes an all around hair and beard trimmer that’s great for you and even the family if you’ve got boys running around (it’s quite quiet and comfortable, so kids are usually alright with getting haircuts with it).

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