Philips Norelco QC5570/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Plus Review

The Philips Norelco QC5570/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Plus is an exclusive product that will make it possible for you to cut your own hair conveniently and without fuss. With its fashionable and exclusively designed head, it is very easy for you to reach the most difficult spots without having to twist and turn in uncomfortable positions. This clipper is known to have coupons attached to it if you buy through The latest coupon they had advertised was $15 off, which means you can sometimes get this clipper for up to 60% off it’s original retail price!

Unlike other clippers that you can find in the market today that have slow motors and are extremely difficult to clean, this newly developed product does not allow hair clippings to penetrate the body behind the cutting blades. Add that to its waterproof quality and cleaning will never be one of your problems. In addition, because the clipper comes with curved leading edge combs, it is simply impossible to jab your scalp or face by accident.

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This Philips Norelco clipper features 180 degrees rotating head with a lithium ion battery that offers an hour of cordless use. The length adjustments are very effective and will offer you all the alternatives you need to cut your beard easily and also your hair. You will also be able to reach all the contours of your face and neck with ease.

It has 13 built-in length settings ranging from 15/32” to 19/32” with self sharpening, high quality, and stainless steel trimmer blades that are wholly washable for uncomplicated cleaning. You’ll love the simple adjustment of the combs which grants you better control of the length that you want. It is much more precise and consistent than any other brand on the market. The rounded elements on the blades as well as the comb scale ensures that there will be no skin irritation and ensures a smooth and easy trim to keep you looking spick and span.

If you’re not sold on the odd design, no worries. We were skeptical at first. However, after our research and the fact that real users on Amazon are giving it 4.3 out of 5 stars (incredibly high compared to many trimmers), we’re sold on this unique set of clippers.

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The motor packs surprising power that is more than capable of doing the job that it promised, definitely worth the price you will pay for it. It is light enough so you can bring it when you travel and the charger is a standard Norelco one, so nothing fancy or out of the ordinary there.

The things that are missing from it are a tray to put it in and keep it organized and a locking feature which would have helped to prevent the head from rotating on its own. So it is best to be extra careful when clipping your beard or head as it may have disastrous results for you if you inadvertently slipped. It’s not going to happen all the time, of course, but just be aware of this.

Without mincing words, this is really a wonderful product and one you will enjoy immensely. Compared to the conventional shape of hair clippers, it has a futuristic and innovative design (like we mentioned above, it might make you skeptical, but it’s won us over).

The trimming action is smooth and clean without pulling or biting during the hair cutting process. It’s not hard to use and does the job well, which takes care of most of what you should be looking for in a trimmer.

The locking length dial positions the exact length for you to the nearest 0.5mm for the short lengths and gives you 2mm for the longer cuts. It even has simple, adjustment combs that give much better control on the cutting length.

The Philips Norelco QC5570 will meet your needs and likely beat your expectations. The price and versatility makes it hard to resist!

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