Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro Beard Trimmer Review

Philips is one of the brand names that have made their mark in the electronics manufacturing industry. Norelco is the brand name Philips uses for its electric shavers and other personal care products.

Some of the products in its electronics line include beard trimmers and body grooming kits, and they’ve become some of the most popular in the marketplace. One such product in this line is the Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro Beard Trimmer. This is an all in one head to toe hair shaver and trimmer. It meets daily shaving needs and then some.

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This is truly an all in one trimmer – you really couldn’t ask for much more in terms of options or versatility. The Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro Beard Trimmer features a 9 piece set that includes:

  1. Full metal trimmer (for most of your beard needs);
  2. Precision trimmer (to get in those tight areas, including around your beard, particularly for ‘intricate’ designs or even goatee use);
  3. Nose/ear hair trimmer;
  4. Mini foil shaver;
  5. Full bodygroom foil shaver;
  6. Body Trimming Comb (1/8″ – 15/32″ or 3mm – 12mm);
  7. Beard and Mustache Comb (3/64″ – 23/32″ or 1mm – 18mm);
  8. Hair Clipping Comb (1/8″ – 25/32″ or 3mm to 20mm); and of course
  9. The handle

The guide combs fit onto the attachments, but each attachment fits onto the handle. They’re removable, so this isn’t just a big, bulky tool with a load of things to get in the way and create clutter. It is dedicated to doing one thing well at a time, so if you need to trim your beard, you’ve got just a beard trimmer, and if you want to edge or style your beard, you throw on a totally separate head for precision trimming.

The 3 combs give you nearly unparalleled flexibility when it comes to choosing the length of your hair, including your beard and mustache. You get a wide range of options with acceptable 1mm increments so that you will be able to find the perfect length no matter what.

The bodygroom shaver is designed for shaving body areas below the neck. This feature is specially designed to provide a one stroke shave without injuring the skin. The hypoallergenic design also reduces risk of skin reactions after shaving. Of course if you’re using it in the shower (which you can, because it’s waterproof), just be aware that like almost every other shaver out there, it’s not going to do a good job on longer wet hair.

The nose/ear trimmer is included for the safe removal of unwanted nose, ear and even eyebrow hairs. It’s specially designed to ensure unwanted hairs are removed without pulling, and consistently gets rave reviews from users who say that this particular trimmer is exceptional. The design also focuses on preventing nicks or cuts during shaving.

The Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro includes a detail foil shaver that’s specially designed for styling after shaving is complete. It also includes a 21mm wide detail trimmer that’s designed to help create fine lines and details after shaving. With these two attachments, you’ll be able to get into all of the areas you need to tidy up your trim and keep you looking sharp.

Philips Norelco has certainly tried very hard to appeal to those men who want a full body grooming machine. It’s particularly useful to guys who are into sports that might necessitate the removal of hair (swimmers, triathletes, rowers, etc.).

This head to toe hair trimmer functions in both corded and cordless mode, which is a big plus.

You might like to use it plugged into the wall because the power you’re getting to the motor from the wall socket is constant and you don’t have to worry about the battery not giving you enough juice. On the other hand, using it without the cord is convenient and makes it less cumbersome and easier for travel.

The battery is really quite impressive, as it’s among the top of the range in terms of charge time and battery use time. Even on the turbo setting, you should expect to get the full advertised 50 minutes out of a charge. Plus, it only takes an hour to recharge, which is very quick compared to a lot of other trimmers.

Ergonomically designed to make it easy to use during shaving, the body/handle has a charge indicator light to let you know when to charge it and a turbo indicator light to let you know if you’ve got turbo on or off (though you will be able to tell the difference by the sound it makes).

As we mentioned above, it’s waterproof, so you can use it in the shower and use water to clean it. You may find you need to clean it fairly regularly by taking the attachment off and running it under water. It comes with a cleaning brush, too, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble tidying it up, but you may find yourself spending more time cleaning than compared to other trimmers.

The turbo function is supposed to help it cut through tough, thick, coarse, or otherwise uncooperative hairs, but you’ll probably find yourself using it as the regular setting. It doesn’t eat the battery up (you’ll still get about 50 minutes out of a charge), and the non-turbo standard setting leaves a bit to be desired. So while it’s supposed to be a ‘feature’, you’ll likely find you use it as the standard operation.

The QG3380/42 is relatively expensive when compared to competing brands, but keep in mind that it is a total all in one solution.

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However, lets get into the quality of the machine.

The heads are made of metal where applicable (i.e., the actual blades and cutting areas), but don’t let the really slick design and brushed-aluminum-look on the handle fool you. This unit is made from plastic, and not great plastic at that.

The first thing we noticed is how much the design gave off the air of quality, so we were disappointed to realize that it’s totally plastic and when you push the buttons (on button, turbo button), it feels like if you pressed just a bit too hard the unit would crush under your fingers. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there was a certain give to them that was kind of uncomfortable when you’re looking for quality.

You get a case/pouch/bag with this that will fit most of the attachments alright, but it’s not really that good for travelling because it’s flimsy. The heads won’t be protected and there’s no blade guard for this particular model. Just be aware when packing it away in the case or travelling that you put it somewhere without the risk of it being struck or hit directly.

Users on have given this more 4 star out of 5 than full 5 star ratings, but it still has a respectable 3.7 star rating. This means it’s better than most in terms of customer satisfaction, but does have a few flaws. What we think this comes down to is being let down in expectations. People see it and think it must be the best shaver ever, because it looks so slick and has so many attachments.

Just take into account what we talked about here, that it’s plastic, has a poor case, and prone to need cleaning often, and you shouldn’t be disappointed. Otherwise, it’s a really good tool, comes with endless grooming options, and really does the job it was designed for (actually, all the jobs it was designed for!).

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