Philips Norelco QS6160 StyleRazor Pro Beard Trimmer Review

TheĀ Philips Norelco QS6160 StyleRazor Pro is an All In One beard trimmer, styler and shaver.

One end boasts a triple action foil shaver, while the other houses the beard trimmer and styler.

TheĀ StyleRazor Pro is a functional and versatile unit that Philips Norelco has certainly put some thought and effort into for men who take a few extra minutes every morning to style their beards. The point of this trimmer is to eliminate the need for multiple trimming and shaving tools.

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You’ve got an entire beard maintenance tool in the palm of your hand, and having everything put together in one tool does not seem to compromise the quality or usefulness of this product in general, although as we’ll find out, one part of it is better than the other.

Starting with the beard trimmer end of the QS6160, you get two options to choose from. The trimmer end has a swivelling head that gives you two sizes of trimmer – the smaller of the two is 5/8″ and the larger one is 1 17/64″. Basically, you can use the larger one for your beard and stubble, just as you’d expect to use a beard trimmer, but you have the option of using the smaller width blade for styling options, such as around your goatee or your sideburns. Depending on your beard style, this may not have any bearing on your decision to purchase, but if you spend a bit of timing shaping your beard and need a bit of a detail tool, this is a cool option that might give you more control in the tight areas.

You’ll find that when the guide comb is equipped, you have 12 length options to choose from, which are easily selected by the zoom wheel that’s built into the unit (and of course you can use the trimmer without a guide comb for touch ups, edging, or an even closer shave). Clip the guide on, select your length, and you’re set. We’re pretty happy with the range of lengths you get with this. It goes from .5mm to 10mm, so the increments are quite small, and you should be able to find the right length as long as you have a short beard.

The blades are maintenance free, which means no oiling, and the unit is water resistant, so you can clean the blades under a tap, as long as you’re careful not to get too much water on the rest of the unit.

The foil shaver was slightly disappointing. On some people, it seems to work just fine, but there are a number of people who found it difficult, particularly on thick beards (i.e., people with very noticeable 5 o’clock shadow). It seems that if you have fairly thin facial hair, this will do the trick, but otherwise, you may be looking at twice daily shaves just to make sure it doesn’t pull and irritate your skin. Of course, that kind of defeats the purpose of having an electric razor – you’d want to shave once a day like usual, not create more work for yourself.

You may be able to use the shaver, but just be aware that you should keep a disposable razor handy just in case it doesn’t quite do the job.

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The QS6160 has a pretty good and robust set of features.

The lithium-ion battery has an above average 50 minutes of cordless use time. What makes it even more impressive is that it is fully charged after just 1 hour on the charger. The combination of a long lasting charge and a quick recharge time makes puts this unit near the top of the scale compared to other beard trimmers.

As mentioned above, the blades are maintenance free and the unit is water resistant. It also has a LED charging indicator that shows you battery status.

For travelers, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use this trimmer around the globe as long as you have an outlet adapter, as it can handle 100 to 240 volt power. So no matter if you’re in the States or over seas, it will work no matter what the country’s power supply is like.

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If you’re wondering about storage, this unit does come with a storage pouch, which is definitely not standard operating procedure in the trimmer world. So, while it’s unlikely to be a deal breaker for most people, it’s a useful addition to keep you organized.

You’ll be protected for 2 years with Philips Norelco’s full warranty, plus you’ll get a 45 day money-back guarantee. That way if you find the foil shaver isn’t working for you, you’re not locked into this unit, which can be more expensive than some (though you can get it for a lot cheaper on…nearly half price, at last update).

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