Philips Norelco QT4000/42 Beard Trimmer Review

The Philips Norelco QT4000/42 is somewhat of a bargain trimmer, as you can find it for around $20. That doesn’t mean it is of poor quality, though. The QT4000 has some of the top ratings from users and reviewers who own and have regularly used it. In fact, it’s 4.4/5 star rating on by real users is one of the highest for any beard trimmer we’ve reviewed!

This model is one of those ‘no frills’ and ‘no gimmicks’ units. You get what you see, which is a decently solid beard trimmer that will do the job keeping your beard in check. This, of course, allows it to keep its low price tag, but if you’re looking for more options and accessories, you might want to keep looking (have another look at our full list of the best beard trimmers).

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The first thing we notice about the Philips is the length options. The length choices are built into the unit, which means no fumbling (or breaking) guide combs. That’s a good start, but what’s even better is that it has 10 settings, each increasing in 1 mm increments, so you get a wide range of length options, so long as you like to keep your beard less than a centimeter (just under half an inch) in length.

The length selector is operated by a dial that is easily used by your thumb when holding the trimmer. The setting you choose locks in place, so it is unlikely that you will have any accidents where you change the length setting and mess up your beard. However, it is accessible enough that if you’re doing multiple lengths to blend your beard, or to give your mustache a separate length from the rest of your beard, it won’t give you a hassle changing between two settings.

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The blades are self-sharpening, and do not need to be oiled. It’s fairly easy to clean, too, which all adds up to a basic, no-fuss trimmer, which makes sense considering it’s lack of accessories and options. The guides and blade are rounded slightly to feel better against your skin. It’s not a big deal, but at least it goes to show that there was some thought put into comfort and the design.

On the weaker end of the scale, this Philips Norelco only gets 35 minutes of run time per 10 hours of charging. Like I say, that’s not going to be a problem unless you’re doing some real serious manscaping that I’d rather not know about, or if you’re the slowest beard trimmer in the country. However, with other models boasting upwards of 50 minutes, sometimes more, it has to be noted that this does not compete with the big boys for charge-hold length. But, if we’re remembering the price tag, we probably don’t mind this at all.

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You’ll get a cleaning brush and charger with the QT4000 but no case, which is fairly standard for the lower-priced beard trimmers. The brush will come in hand, because you shouldn’t run this under water to clean it, like you can for some other trimmers.

The good thing is that the comb guide and blade are easy to remove, which makes cleaning it less painful.

Overall, this is a real value trimmer. What you see is what you get, but you certainly don’t just get what you pay for. You’ll be happy with this basic unit if all you need is a semi-regular trim.

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