Philips Norelco QT4050 Vacuum Beard and Stubble Trimmer Review

The Phillips QT4050 is part of Phillip’s line of different beard trimmers and facial trimmers, that also includes the 4070, another excellent beard trimmer.

What makes the QT4050 different from other beard trimmers is the fact that it comes equipped with its very own vacuum. What does that mean? That the QT4050 sucks up all those tiny hairs that usually get all over your sink, bathroom, and yourself, and stores them in a vacuum compartment built into the trimmer. This is a great feature to have in a beard trimmer, as it makes the process a lot cleaner and means you’ll spend a lot less time cleaning up afterwards. While the vacuum won’t get every single little hair that you trim or cut, it will get most of them, minimizing the cleaning you have to do afterwards.

philips norelco qt4050 vacuum trimmer

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The QT4050 comes with an electrical cord; you can charge the trimmer up and use it cordless, or keep it plugged in as you trim, if you forgot to charge it beforehand. This is a rare feature, and is one of the most useful, versatile things a beard trimmer can contain.

The trimmer has a handy little light that turns orange to tell you its time to charge your trimmer, as the battery is weakening, and that turns green to tell you when it is fully charged, meaning you won’t have to guess or estimate when your trimmer is going to need to be charged.

When it comes to lengths, the QT4050 has an huge range with 18 different length settings, ranging from 1 mm to 18 mm (1/32 inch up to 23/32 inch). The settings for length are fairly easy to adjust, and they stay put once you’ve adjusted them, ensuring that you have an equal cut all over. If you’re looking for a product that is great for getting rid of your beard (hey, sometimes you just don’t want to shave on the weekend), this trimmer is a good option. If you’re looking for a tool that will let you sculpt lines and features, like with a goatee, it might not be the best bet. For precise styling, it isn’t the best tool (here’s an awesome tool for doing just that), but for those looking to trim or remove their beard, it’s a good choice.

It cuts smoothly, doesn’t irritate the skin, and it cuts evenly, as long as you go at a fair speed. It’s easy to clean; the vacuum compartment is easily cleaned and the trimmer comes with a handy cleaning brush designed for the trimmer. One slight problem that users have pointed out after using this trimmer is that you can trim down really well, but not up. So you might have to angle it around in your hand to trim down, sometimes.

philips norelco qt4050 vacuum trimmer

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The QT4050 has received an overall average rating of 4 stars on 5 on Amazon, and it sells for around $40. If you’re looking for a more powerful version of this beard trimmer, including its handy vacuum feature, you might want to consider the QT4070, which we mentioned above.

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