Remington HC5550 Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer Review

The Remington HC5550 is known for several excellent qualities, one of which is the way it’s built. It is well constructed, sturdy, and made out of high quality materials, that are meant to last. It isn’t one of your cheap, plastic trimmers that die within a few months and need to be changed. This is like an old-fashioned trimmer that lasted for years. It’s just the right weight; it isn’t too heavy that it’s hard to manipulate, and it isn’t too light, either.

Remington HC5550

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Another quality of the Remington HC5550 is that is is easy to charge. It comes not only with a wall charger but also a USB charger, great for traveling with it as you won’t need to pack the heavier, more cumbersome wall charger. You could, in theory, charge this clipper off your computer if you really wanted to!

As it is a battery powered model, the Remington HC5550 is cordless, which makes trimming your beard a lot easier, as you don’t have a cord in the way, and don’t need to worry about where the electrical outlet is. The battery is excellent, and from a full charge you will have more than enough charge to get through an entire hair cut, so trimming or removing your beard is a piece of cake.

The Remington HC5550 cuts smoothly, like butter, and never jams up. It comes with something that Remington calls a “turbo boost”, which makes the clipper cut faster and with more power. Even without enabling the turbo boost, this clipper is powerful enough to cut through coarse or thicker hair no problem, and still deliver a quick, smooth cut.

If you remove the attachments, this clipper can actually be used to groom any part of the body, making it versatile and a great bargain buy! It’s main function is to cut facial hair, but it’s made in such a way that you can get a nice, smooth cut anywhere else, without breaking it. You can cut facial hair, neck jair, chest hair, etc. You’ll want to keep in mind that the blades are razor sharp, and not apply too much pressure, especially in sensitive areas, to avoid nicks and cuts.

Remington HC5550

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It is an easy clipper to clean; all you have to do is press some buttons to get the blades and head to pop out, and then you can run it underwater. It comes with its own carrying case and attachments for different cutting lengths. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and makes clean up a lot easier than many other models of clipper.

When it comes to reviews, the majority of the Remington HC5550′s users rate it 5 on 5 stars. It retails typically for the lowest price on Amazon at around $25 making this an extremely affordable trimmer, especially considering the ease of using it and its sturdiness.

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