Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer Review

The Remington MB-200 is about as close to a ‘classic’ as you might get. It’s insanely popular, and has over 500 5 star reviews on It’s well-priced, durable, has a good range of length settings, and it’s titanium coated blades cut exceptionally well.

This might be considered a ‘budget’ trimmer because it can usually be had for under $35. If you’re going to get a beard trimmer, you might as well go for something like the MB-200 rather than a drug store special, because the price will be roughly the same, but you’ll get a trusted and functional unit rather than the cheap drug store trimmers.

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Short on ‘accessories’ and extra functionality, the Remington MB-200 does just what you want it to and nothing that you don’t. It cuts your beard well – though if you have a very full beard, it might not be as good as some other trimmers in terms of power – and doesn’t have useless features that get in the way.

First of all the titanium coated blades are self-sharpening and will never need to be oiled. They are precision ground, rather than stamped, which gives them the ability to be sharper and more precise than most other blades on the market. They are excellent when it comes to cutting cleanly and not pulling – a major factor when deciding on a beard trimmer.

The MB-200 has 9 length settings, which you can choose by using the zoom wheel on the grip of the trimmer. The wheel is easy to use and convenient. You won’t have to worry about the guides coming down mid-shave, and you’re unlikely to accidentally turn the wheel, so you can be assured of a good, even shave. This also means that because it’s only got one adjustable head, you don’t have to worry about snapping guide combs on, meaning less hassle and fewer chances to break a piece.

The numbers and related lengths are as follows:

1: 1.5 mm / .06″
2: 2.5 mm / .10″
3: 4.0 mm / .16″
4: 5.5 mm / .22″
5: 7.0 mm / .28″
6: 9.0 mm / .35″
7: 11.0 mm / .43″
8: 14.0 mm / .55″
9: 18.0 mm / .71″

This puts the Remington about in the middle of the pack for flexibility. That’s a good thing, though, as it’s relatively small increments allow for fine-tuning and finding the perfect length, without drastic shifts from 3mm to 6mm to 9mm for example, that you find with some of the other trimmers with larger length increments.

For a tight shave or an edging detailer, simply remove the comb guide and use the trimmer to get a very close to the skin shave. This can also be used to give you a very, very short stubble look.

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This unit does not come with a case or bag in which to put it, but because it only uses one adjustable guide, this isn’t as big of a problem as it would be if it had a different comb guide for each length. However, it can be a hassle having to lay it out or pack it, especially if you’re traveling and taking the charger with you.

It’s really difficult not to recommend this trimmer. The price is low, it has a decent number of settings, it cuts your beard hair well, and the number of people who absolutely love it, as evidenced by the 500+ 5 star reviews on, is a great sign that you’ll be happy with the Remington as your regular beard trimmer.

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