Ultimate Gift Guide For Bearded Men

Are you shopping for a gift for the bearded man in your life? Whether you need a gift yesterday and are totally panicking or you’re doing some advanced shopping (beat the Christmas rush at any time of year, seriously!), we’ve put together the guide below to help you get just the right gift.

We’re all about beards here, so obviously our focus is on the special guys around you – your dad, your brother, your husband, your boyfriend, your son. These fellas need some love, and we’re glad you found us because we have just the answer.

Don’t just bolster the wardrobe with items they may or may not ever wear, and don’t fill their homes with knickknacks because you really don’t know what else to get someone who has everything. Why not get something that is truly meaningful that he will actually use? A tool or device that is useful and will help in our every day life is exactly the type of gift most of us men are looking for.

Best Beard Trimmers To Give As Gifts

Here are some of the best selling, top rated, and most popular beard trimmers that we are proud to recommend. We’ve selected only a few of the best and most popular trimmers to make your decision easier, but if you’d like a more comprehensive overview, have a look at our FULL guide of over 30 models.

Click on any of the pictures to learn more and read reviews on Amazon.com.

Beard Trimmers
Minimum Length
Maximum Length
Corded / Cordless
Wahl 8655-200 Peanut Clipper/Trimmer
Philips Norelco QT4000/42 Beard Trimmer
Philips Norelco QT4014/42 Beard and Stubble Trimmer
Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-S Hair & Body Trimmer
Panasonic ER-CA35-K Rechargeable Hair & Beard Trimmer
Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer
Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer
Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer Pro

Best Gifts for Bearded Men

Okay so you’ve already picked a beard trimmer for the guy on your list (or he’s already got one because he’s a long-time beard wearer) but you know how much he values his facial hair. When a man trims it just right and shapes it well, and it makes up such a large part of his physical identity, he’ll want to make sure it’s well kept, which means grooming it the right way.

There are many different options for grooming gifts if you have already bought a trimmer. You could literally go through this list and pick one item from each and put them together to give the bearded man on your list a full beard grooming kit (and if you do, he’ll be thankful, trust me), but even picking and choosing one or two items can go a long way in helping him stay on top of the daily struggle of maintaining a good, respectable beard.

Nose Hair Trimmer

Not particularly glamorous, I know, but hey, getting the best nose hair trimmer (check out our full guide here) will be a great addition to any man’s grooming kit. No matter the age, we all find a hair here and there creeping down annoyingly and it hurts to pluck it out. If the problem is getting a bit more serious as age catches up to us, it’s an absolute essential.

Click here to view our list of the best nose hair trimmers and consider completing his grooming set with one of the top models.

Beard and Mustache Combs

As more men are able to pull off full beards (and as it becomes acceptable once again to show one’s manliness through facial hair), some of the most popular items we recommend are beard and mustache combs.

Bearded men, especially those who take it seriously and see it as a defining point of their character and masculinity, are serious about grooming and maintaining the most well-kept whiskers possible. To that end, we have seen a huge surge in high quality combs to keep the sometimes unruly hairs from getting out of place.

Baxter of California Beard Comb – Baxter is a 1960s pioneer in men’s grooming, and has taken that status and run with it over the years. This is a beautiful 3.25 inch comb made in Switzerland by the boys at Baxter. It’s quality is unsurpassed.

Kent Hand Made Beard and Moustache Comb – This tiny comb has a reputation, if you can believe it. It’s just 73 mm so it is easy to keep on you for grooming on the go. People who use this tend to love it and have rated it very highly. It is THE small beard and moustache comb on the market.

Kent 20T Folding Comb – Does the man on your list have a longer beard? The Kent 20T Folding Comb is one heckuva device. The company’s tagline for the product is “Fold it right there partner!” so you can see what type of manly man could do with this comb.

Tweezerman His Moustache Scissors with Comb – A bit different than the combs above, this one is a comb and scissor combo, so while it’s great for keeping groomed every day, it’s also handy because it will help give a great trim when the time comes. It’s tough to shape your moustache with a beard trimmer alone.

Conditioner, Oil, & Cream

To the surprise of some people who think men go through life with a bar of soap and a bit of rain water as their grooming tools, beard conditioners, oils, and creams have been increasing in popularity.

As full and even long beards come back into style, men are reminded that it is important to care for them in a way similar to how you would care for the hair atop your head. That means regular trimming, washing, and even conditioning. It is even more pressing when you think that your face is much more sensitive than your scalp in many cases.

Punishing the skin on your face by neglecting to care for your beard will do even more harm than if you did not clean your hair.

If the man on your list is running low on these products, or has never known the glorious delights of a well groomed and cleaned beard, we highly recommend these products.

Wild Man Beard Conditioning Cream - Receiving great reviews, this leave-in conditioning cream by Wild Rose is a great way to protect your beard hair and skin from feeling dry and dirty. Just a little bit of this cream applied to the beard will leave it feeling fresh (and non-oily), and will also give it a “distinctly manly” smell.

Wild Man Beard Conditioning Oil - The Original- This oil has a grapeseed oil base (unlike the coconut oil base in the conditioning cream above) and is what Wild Rose originally put on the market as their flagship product for beard conditioning. It is an incredible way to get scraggly hairs in check and condition both beard hair and face, leaving a manly smell and smooth hair.

Honest Amish Slick Beard Wax – All Natural and Organic - A good beard wax like this one from Honest Amish will give a beard a bit of shape and shine, keeping it neat and tidy and looking just right throughout the day. Made from organic oils and beeswax, this is a light wax that will feel nice and natural on your face while keeping hairs in check.

Honest Amish – Heavy Duty Beard Balm – New! - A conditioning and controlling balm, Honest Amish produces this excellent product and boasts that it has been approved by beard competitors and aficionados. This balm offers control and softening and is all natural.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Gloss and Conditioner - This gloss and conditioner is from Tasmania, Australia and boasts natural ingredients, including some unique Tasmanian herbs. While it comes in a small package, it really does go a long way and is much easier to apply than straight up wax. It’s consistently in the top 10 when it comes to beard grooming items.

Take Action Now and Get the Best Deals!

Hopefully we’ve given you enough ideas for you to get started and find the perfect gift. We’ve found that in just about every case, it’s cheaper and faster to get these things through Amazon, so we highly recommend stopping in to see prices and availability before looking elsewhere. Good luck and let us know how the gift went down when you gave it to him!