Wahl 79520-3101 Groom Pro Haircutting Kit Review

The Wahl 79520-3101 Groom Pro is another excellent, reliable beard trimmer from Wahl. These clippers are great; they are easy to use, reliable, and easy to clean. They come equipped with more attachments than you will likely need, allowing you to trim to any length. You can even cut your hair with this tool, at pretty much any length thanks to the adjustable settings and the attachments.

It actually is a two item purchase, as you get a clipper and a trimmer at the same time. The extra trimmer is excellent for trimming around your neck and ears, making this a really versatile product, especially for the price.

The Wahl 79520-3101 is a solid product, built to last. It feels strong and sturdy in your hand, and has high carbon steel blades. The blades are built for both precision and to stay sharp, making sure quality doesn’t decline over time. As an added bonus, the blades are very low maintenance, extremely easy to clean.

Wahl 79520-3101

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The Wahl 79520-3101 cuts well; it creates a smooth cut at any length, is designed so that it doesn’t nick or cut you or pull out your hair, and it doesn’t irritate the skin. It’s also, in addition to being an easy clipper to use, fast. It won’t take you very much time to cut or style your beard with the Wahl. It feels like a professional product at a reasonable price and is extremely accurate as far as beard trimmers go.

The clipper is electric, and has a cord and requires an electrical outlet to run. The cord is fairly long, which is great as it doesn’t get tangled and allows you some flexibility when trimming. It is, for a machine of its power and strength, fairly quiet, too. The smaller, trimmer is battery powered. The battery has an excellent life, and stays charged for a long time. It also doesn’t overheat, as some models do. Even if you use it to give yourself a full haircut, it will barely get warm.

This American-made product is great not only for beard removal and styling, but also for those who like a really close shave. Thanks to its range of attachments and settings, you can get very close to the skin, while still keeping some length.

Wahl 79520-3101

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The Wahl 79520-3101 also comes with a clipper blade guard, trimmer blade guard, cordless touch-up trimmer, storage case, barber comb, styling comb, blade oil, cleaning brush, two trimmer guide combs, twelve clipper guide combs, and a styling guide.

On Amazon the majority of users rate it 4 or 5 stars on 5, for an average 4 star rating. You can get the best price on Amazon, where we’ve seen it as low as $25 and is an excellent buy for men looking for a versatile all-body groomer, or a tool that will allow them to trim or style their beard.

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