Wahl 79524-5201 Chrome Pro 25 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit Review

Some people like having hair-dos. Others have hair-don’ts. If you wear your hair or beard really short so that you never have to worry about styling it when you’re ready to go, you likely fall into the latter category. Naturally, you’ll have to keep your whiskers trimmed all the time, and this can get expensive if you’re going to the barber or using an over-rated tool to do the job.

For about the price of a good cut and shave, why not get the Wahl 79524-5201 Chrome Pro? Wahl is a very rugged brand with great history, and these clippers don’t disappoint.

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This unit is easy to work with and has a very comfortable grip. The soft hand grip dampened the slight vibration the clipper makes when it cuts, so you’ll be able to keep your hands steady during the beard trimming process. No need to worry about getting an edge wrong when doing your neck or cheek line (or around the ears if you’re doing your hair with this, too).

The Chrome Pro Kit includes a wide variety of combs for the clipper, so you’ll be able to get exactly the cut you want. They go up in 1/8 inch increments so you can get both a short trim and a fairly long trim, which makes it good for a beard trimmer, because we’re always looking for a unit that allows the most amount of people to use it to get the most amount of their desired cutting lengths.

Being a Complete Haircutting Kit, this comes with both the large corded trimmer for main cutting purposes as well as a small, AA battery powered trimmer that is good for things like eyebrows, neck line, cheek line, and clean up jobs. The small one is quieter than the big one of course, but obviously can’t pack the same power. Between the two of them, you should be able to get all the versatility you need for a cut to meet your specifications. Use the big one for the grunt work and then transition to the smaller one for trimming and edging.

>>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon.com<<

The kit also includes scissors, a comb, hair clips, a cleaning brush, and some blade oil. You also get a bag to put it all in, which is handy because you see too many kits like this that don’t have anywhere to store the multitude of attachments. Pretty standard, but nice to have all the basics.

The clippers are self-sharpening, but not self-cleaning. Remember that the cleaning brush and oil are in there for a reason. You’ll want to brush it off after each use and oil it occasionally.

As a beard trimmer, this thing is outstanding, and it really is just a bonus to get all the extra hair cutting bits. If you never use it for a haircut, don’t feel like you shouldn’t buy the 79524-5201. It’s functionality and excellence on your facial hair will mean you get all of your money’s worth and then some. Without the guide combs, you can get a really wicked stubble happening!

Most of the people who use this trimmer who left a review of it give it a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating – for this price and this quality, you can’t go wrong. Check it out on Amazon.com to learn more, read reviews, and see if it’s right for you.

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