Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer Review

Wahl is one of the few brands that specializes in professional and home grooming products that boasts over 9 decades of providing high quality products.

The brand has manufactured different products over this time and most of them have proven to be successful and long-lasting. One such product that’s a real bargain is the Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer. It’s a very inexpensive option (you can find it for under $20 on Amazon.com) and the trimmer itself is actually quite good (but beware of the attachments…keep reading for more on that).

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The Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman comes fitted with high precision carbon steel blades. These are ground rather than stamped making them more efficient than stainless steel blades. In addition, the high carbon content in the blades ensures that they remain sharp longer than the average blades. And they actually are quite sharp blades.

You’ll also notice that the blades are not wide. That means more ‘strokes’ to get your entire beard, but it also means they’re more agile for trimming and edging, and will shape to the contours of your face better than a wider blade would.

Where this trimmer excels is edging and non-attachment trimming. It’s powerful, the blade sticks out quite far for easy maneuverability, and it is actually about the closest shave you’ll get from any beard trimmer. For this reason, we had to include the 9918 Groomsman in our set of reviews. If trimming, edging and getting a very, very short stubble is how you’ll be using your beard trimmer, you can’t beat this for the functionality and price combination.

This unit includes a 6 position length guide for trimming beards to different lengths. The 6 positions range between 1/2” to 1/8” for different beard lengths.

Besides this detachable 6 position beard guide, the kit also includes 3 guide combs which help uses achieve three different beard lengths.

We’ve got to stop for a second here and have a chat about the guide combs. They’re bad. About the biggest complaint with this trimmer is the quality of and difficulty using the attachments. They’re quite flimsy, difficult to get off, and prone to breaking if you’re not extremely careful. Not only that, but they’re not comfortable while shaving, as they’re made of hard plastic with sharp edges.

Because of the attachments, if you have a thick beard (i.e., you get a decent 5 o’clock shadow around 5 o’clock and can’t go a day without shaving or else you’ll look unkempt) this is probably not the trimmer for you. Unless, of course, you’ll be using it as we discussed above, with no guide combs.

In terms of power source, this beard and mustache trimmer operates in both corded and cordless mode. The kit includes an adapter that enables corded operation, but it also comes fitted with a rechargeable battery. The design includes a helpful charging indicator light that lets users know charging status. The benefit of being able to use this with and without a cord is that it’s versatile and will always suit your preference.

>>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon.com<<

Some people like to use trimmers with a cord because it ensures an even and consistent flow of power to the motor to get a good shave without worrying about the battery not being able to power it adequately. Alternatively, you might like the convenience and travel-capabilities of operating the unit cordlessly.

This trimmer includes a storage stand that helps to keep all accessories organized, and it also comes with a travel case. For the price, we were quite surprised at this, because a lot of trimmers don’t come with either a storage base nor a case. The stand also doubles as the trimmer’s charger as well as protects the blades from damage.

This beard and mustache trimmer comes in a brushed chrome finish that gives it an attractive look. To be honest, it looks a lot more expensive and isn’t as cheap looking as some of the bulky plastic models. Sure, it’s a minor thing when making your decision, but it’s just another thing that you should pay attention to. It’s got a fairly ergonomic design with a soft grip handle and it fits quite well in the hand, due to it’s slight size. This helps to make maneuvering the unit easy.

You also get a 3 year limited warranty, which is yet another way Wahl goes above and beyond, even for their bargain clippers.

To conclude, the trimmer itself is really good. Surprisingly good. It’s great for a really short trim (near removal) and for edging/outlining your beard. This is great for use as a secondary tool to use as an edger or close shaver after you’ve used your more robust trimmer, or it can be a great tool for those just looking to fully remove a beard with an electric shaver.

The attachments, on the other hand, are pretty bad, so there are definitely better options (though none quite so inexpensive) for styling a beard with any length.

We’re confident that some people will find this to be one of the greatest things they have ever bought, while others will hate it. You really need to know what you want out of your beard trimmer before you purchase this, but definitely give it the time of day and consider it if it will suit your needs.

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