Wahl Professional 8290 Detailer Beard Trimmer Review

A shaver will take care of your beard or the hair on your head but you still need a detailer for shaping it and for all your other body hairs such as necklines, sideburns, chest hair, back hair and yes, even those ‘hard to reach’ places. Detailers spell the difference between just looking good or eliciting a second look whenever you pass by. This is exactly why you need a Wahl Professional 8290 Detailer Beard Trimmer.

Men like experimenting when it comes to their looks; this is just similar to how women apply different shades of lipstick to see which one will suit best. So like them, you have probably experienced using a lot of shavers and trimmers in your search for that one which will be perfect for your needs. This detailer from Wahl is a great choice as it provides versatility for outlining your facial hair as well as other parts that may need it. If you are a guy who is serious about sporting a beard, you want to get the best tool to help you define it.

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There are two colors for this product; one is sleek black, grey, and shiny chrome while the other is red with white accessories. The design is pretty handy and looks a little like a toy but do not be deceived by its small size as it packs some power that will impress you. It is sturdy and weighs more than you expect but the shape makes it easy to grip and it will fit perfectly in your hands.

It features an adjuster that will enable you to zero gap the blade for a sharper cut. There is simply no need to go over the lines twice and the closer you put it, the better your beard looks. You will also love the trimming guides that will help you to lower the length of your beard. And the edgers; it does an exceptional job for shape ups, line up and edges. Be careful with the heavy hand though because once adjusted, it is very easy to cut yourself. You don’t want to end up looking like you got into a fight with Edward Scissorhands.

The brilliant spot about the design of this Wahl is that you almost eliminate the blind spots which characterize most trimmers. Shaving in front of the mirror has the distinct disadvantage of having your wrist block your view of the area you are shaving. This means you have to turn whichever way in order to get that one spot right. The small and sleek size of this detailer reduces that challenge for you.

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Battery operated trimmers and detailers are so popular but don’t you just love that the plug in ones never die? No need to keep reminding yourself that you need to charge it prior to use. No instances of mortification when you need to go somewhere important in a pinch and find yourself with a trimmer that has no power. With the long cord that is provided, it is very handy for moving around and needs little maintenance to keep it going. You might want to keep your loving and enthusiastic dog locked in another room though as he may leap in and trip over the wire which would result in either three unwanted lines shaved into your face or a painful gash.

All said and done, the Wahl Professional 8290 Detailer is something you will not hesitate to recommend to your friends. Users on Amazon.com give it a 4 out of 5 star rating, which puts it right near the top rung of the best beard trimmers on the market. You might just discover a hidden talent when your buddies line up for a go.

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